As with most things in life, you have a choice.

Some people are happy eating budget brand Baked Beans, others stick with that well known brand a pay a little more.

Some don't care how much they cost, as long as they enjoy them.

Maybe not the best comparison, but in a lot of ways, the mobile disco is a bit like those tins of beans.

Few people these days are in the position where they can pay no attention to how much something costs - value for money is more important now then ever before.

Again, there are the budget brands which have beans which are, shall we say, of a slightly questionable colour and sauce which appears to have only had a fleeting glimpse of a tomato.

And, as we said at the start, there are a good few folks out there who are more than happy with this sort of thing - good on them - but they're not our typical clients.

Our customers are looking for a quality product which they are 100% certain is going to do the job they expect it to do, when they want it doing, without paying over the odds for it.

And that's exactly what we provide.

We know we can entertain your guests perfectly, no matter what their musical tastes, age or any other factor.

We play something for everyone - nobody misses out.  All delivered via our ultra high quality sound systems, with an accompanying light show which is not to be missed.

So - if you're looking for the ultimate in modern mobile disco's which you know your guests will love - call us.

Or open some beans.